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A2W projects

A2W from 2011 to 2019

A2W’s first project was the launch of the « Diam’O » water kiosk network, with the water treatment machine developed and built by Swiss Fresh Water. This highly reliable machine has been the driving force behind the development of drinking water networks in Senegal from 2011 to 2019, according to a business model adapted to the realities of the field.

Some kiosks have been relocated  to better serve the expectations of the population…


The project has benefited from « impact loans », which are financial loans for low-income projects that have a significant health, social, economic and environmental impact. These loans have enabled the installation of kiosks in medium-sized cities. A2W has also successfully used donations to set up kiosks in sparsely populated areas that cannot provide sufficient returns to repay a loan. In these areas, access to clean water improves the health of the inhabitants and prevents rural-urban migration.

A2W and its original partner, Swiss Fresh Water, have installed over 180 water filtration machines in Senegal to date. These machines are located in 150 water kiosks under the brand name « Diam’O » and are operational in both urban and rural water-stressed communities. Over a period of 8 years, the « Diam’O » kiosks have produced more than 154 million litres of drinking water, including 36 million litres in 2019 alone, and have generated over 600 direct and indirect jobs.

At the end of 2019, A2W handed over the « Diam’O » chain of kiosks to Swiss Fresh Water SA, so that it could undertake a new development with private investors. The machines are still operational today. Also at the end of 2019, A2W initiated its project to provide free drinking water to schools, health posts and women’s groups in Senegal. Despite a somewhat complex Covid period, by the end of June 2021, there were 67 installations in operation in schools and health posts. Since then, a major expansion of this activity has been in preparation.

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List of major past projects

2020 Access to Water
  • Project in memory of Alice Prod'Hom. Installation of a water treatment system in Koranic and French schools in the far reaches of Senegal.
  • Project to combat bilharzia in the Matam region with the Merck company.
2019 Access to Water
  • Training and awareness campaigns focusing on access to water, water management, water-related hygiene, solar energy; under the name "Access To Water and Solar Energy for All!
  • Co-financed by the Tauw Foundation and carried out in partnership with Little Sun.
  • Preparation of the project against bilharzia, in the Matam region of Senegal.
  • Preparation for the takeover of the "Diam'O" water kiosks by SFW, in order for this activity to be developed with private capital.
2018 Access to Water
  • Awareness campaigns focusing on diseases caused by unsafe drinking water as well as training in drinking water professions. Training is targeted primarily at women and youths, with the aim of creating jobs and reducing rural-urban migration.
  • Continuation of the OFID-supported project.
2017 Access to Water
  • Installation of kiosks in the villages of Lindiane, Diarrère and Djifer, Senegal. The second phase of the OFID-supported project was launched, resulting in the installation of 25 new kiosks in the Arachidier Basin. In total, the 91 kiosks have provided over 150,000 people with a newfound access to safe drinking water.
  • Student Action Switzerland - Senegal: 600 schoolchildren in Senegal receive drinking water every day thanks to the financial support of the students of the St. George’s International School in Clarens, Switzerland.
2016 Access to Water
  • The Rotary Club Genève-Lac set up a Global Grant. Geneva-Lac, Geneva, Geneva Palais Wilson, Geneva South, Portes de Lavaux, Yverdon, and Dakar-Soleil all support the project. Thanks to the contribution of each one, the support of District 1990 and the Rotary International Foundation, more than 120'000 US$ are dedicated to the project, which started in 2016. The project evolves and it is finally in the region of Tambacounda and the Senegal River, a few kilometres from Kédougou, that 5 water kiosks are to be placed.
  • Several kiosks were installed and distributed to schools thanks to a large private donation.
2015 Access to Water
  • OFID (OPEC Fund For International Development) is co-financing the installation of 66 water kiosks in the Arachidier Basin, an area of Senegal where access to water is limited and water quality is below WHO standards.
  • Junior Chamber International (JCI) supported the foundation's actions by enabling the installation of a new water kiosk in 2015 in Ndioulbeth, a small village in the Fatick region.
2014 Access to Water
  • Installation of a large water kiosk in Gossas, thanks to a donation from the Lions Club – Jorat.
  • Construction of the final kiosk in Diamniadio, a small island in the Sine Saloum delta, where the A2W project started. A donation from the Order of St. John enabled the construction of a water kiosk and the daily distribution of water to the Koranic and French schools. This village has become a "test village" and a reference point for the A2W project.

Several major private donors have enabled the installation of more than 12 kiosks in the Fatick region of Senegal.


Start of the project in the Fatick region, more precisely in the Sine Saloum islands, in Senegal.