Lombard-Odier and A2W partnership for the "Crystal Note »

The Lombard Odier Group has launched a new impact investment solution, in partnership with Access To Water, to support access to quality water in rural areas which are living under water stress in Senegal. By the end of 2022, the goal is to provide 83,500 people with 2 litres of water per day free of charge and on a sustainable basis, i.e. 165,000 litres per day and then reach 60 million litres per year.

To achieve this, A2W will install small water treatment systems in health centres, schools and women’s groups.

The expected impact will be health-related through the fight against water-related diseases, economic through reduced absenteeism and job creation, social through improved quality of life and environmental through reduced transport and plastic waste from bottled water.

The first installations will take place in October 2021. From then on, this cockpit will be updated every month.

Situation on January 31, 2022

Production cumulated (Liter of drinking water)

Distribution of water points

People with 2 lit./day of drinking water

People with 2 lit./day of drinking water

« With the treasure you have just brought us, we will have no more worries about water quality in this post. The whole team thanks you. »

Mrs Sokhna Ibrahina Sale
Midwife of the Dendoudy health post, Senegal
12 APRIL 2021

« In our school, the pupils used to drink water from the well and some teachers bought bottled water. Since the arrival of the NGO ACCESS TO WATER in our school we say thank God we are saved. »

Mr Faye
Teacher at Fayil school in the Fatick region
12 May 2021

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