about access to
water foundation.

Access To Water (A2W) is a Swiss foundation, recognised for its public interests. It is involved with projects, which help with the access to drinking water.

Its headquarters are in Bulle, in the county of Fribourg, in Switzerland. Its main office is based in the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), in Switzerland too.

Visite d’un kiosque de Fatou Ndaye, Badara Diom de l’ONG A2W Sénégal et le Rotarien et juge A.Diaye
A2W à la Stockholm Water Week

Our vision

Drinking water should be accessible to all, in close proximity and at an affordable price.

The technical solutions focus on proposing a maintenance concept and a responsible business model, so that the proposed solutions are sustainable, regardless of the location.

All A2W’s projects benefit from strong local roots and are undertaken by indigenous staff members. These projects help, therefore, the development of new jobs, particularly for women and the younger generation. The projects must have a measurable impact on economic, social, environmental and sanitary factors.

A2W fosters a win-win business model, all along its supply chain, with its governance adapted to local needs and its technical choices based upon quality and the ease of use and maintenance. The foundation guarantees the non-lucrative aspect as well as the good governance of its projects.

The Foundation Board

The Access To Water Foundation is managed by the Foundation Board, which defines the main lines of development and its strategic priorities.

Renaud de Watteville

President of the Board 

Philippe Moreillon

Member of the Board Prof. in Medicine University of Lausanne

Bernard Robert-Charrue

Member of the Board
Journalist and founder of DEV.TV

BDO Lausanne


Clémence Langone

Project Manager for Africa

The Foundation


  • 2020

    - Thanks to gained expertise since 2011, the Access To Water Foundation launches new initiatives, aiming to bring access to clean drinking water to all, everywhere. Find all our projects here.

  • 2018

    - In 2018, Renaud de Watteville withdraws from Swiss Fresh Water society, of which he is the co-founder and CEO. He now fully and solely devotes himself to the Access To Water Foundation. The network of water kiosks developed in Senegal needs new investments in order to grow, and to reach the breakeven point; the adventure will hence continue with private investors.

    - A2W transfers ownership of Diam’O’s kiosks to SFW at the end of 2019. The machines are, to this day, still functional, thanks to the online monitoring system and to the maintenance system deployed by SWF in Switzerland and Senegal.

  • 2012

    - In 2012, Access To Water Foundation is created in order to manage the non-profit and humanitarian project in Senegal. The two entities, Access To Water and Swiss Fresh Water, undertake jointly the responsibilities of the deployment of the drinking water kiosks in Senegal.

  • 2011

    - In 2011, Swiss Fresh Water launches a pilot project in Senegal. The water-filtering machine developed in Switzerland works well, but it is obvious that the Senegalese social and environmental context requires a made-to-measure business model based upon its commercial and humanitarian needs. Following the meeting between Renaud de Watteville and Badara Diom, mayor of Djirnda’s rural community in the Sine-Saloum islands, the idea of creating a foundation is born.
  • 2005

    - In 2005, two friends, Jean-François Treyvaud and Renaud de Watteville decide to develop a solution to polluted water, at an affordable price, and operable anywhere. They design a first filtration machine prototype, robust and adapted to the needs and life styles of the developing world’s populations. They found Swiss Fresh Water SA in 2008 with investors interested in the project.