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The bank Lombard Odier and A2W are partners in ‘Crystal Note’.

The Lombard Odier Group has launched an impact investment product: ‘Crystal Note’, in partnership with Access To Water, to support access to quality water to those living in water-stressed rural areas in Senegal.

By the end of 2022, the aim is to provide 83,500 people with 2 litres of water per day free of charge and on a permanent basis, i.e. 167,000 litres of water per day and almost 61 million litres per year.

To achieve this, A2W is installing small water treatment systems in health posts, schools and women’s groups, which will generate the following impacts for the beneficiaries:

Improved health, through the reduction of illnesses caused by brackish, polluted or infected water.

Improvement of the local economy by reducing absenteeism from work due to illnesses caused by drinking unsafe water and by creating jobs in the project.

Improved local quality of life, thereby reducing rural-urban migration.

Reducing the ecological footprint of water consumption by eliminating disposable plastic bottles and reducing transport by producing safe drinking water at consumption sites.

Situation on 15 November, 2021

The crisis in electronic components and shipping is also impacting on water treatment systems. While waiting for new machines producing 1000L/day, A2W is actually installing small machines producing 100L/day to meet an urgent need.

Water treatment unit

Next update: December 15, 21

Forecast production cumulated (Liter of drinking water)

production cumulated (Liter of drinking water)

Forecast distribution of water point

Distribution of waterpoint

Forecast people with 2 lit./day of drinking water

People with 2l it day

Forecast water treatment Units with Crystal Note project

Treatment Units
Sokhna Ibrahina Sale

"With this treasure that you have just brought to us, we will no longer have the recurrent worries about the quality of the water in our Health Post. The whole team thanks you.

Mrs Sokhna Ibrahina Sale
Midwife of the Dendoudy health post, Senegal.
12 April 2021

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